Responsibility & Craftsmanship

Learn about our commitment to the Earth and quality custom jewelry.

Lab Grown Diamonds and Gems


Our diamonds and gems are optically, physically and chemically identical to earth-mined gems, with the same beauty and endurance. The difference? Less impact on the environment.

All of our lab-grown diamonds .50 ct and above are certified and  feature a microscopic laser inscription of the certificate number on the girdle, just as mined diamonds are often laser inscribed with a certification number.

Recycled Metal


As stewards of the environment, we are proud to offer 100% recycled gold and other precious metals supplied by Hoover and Strong and certified by SCS Global Services.

This means that purchasing our jewelry does not contribute to the demand for mined gold, which can be associated with undesirable environmental and/or community impact.

Recycled gold is identical in content to non-recycled gold. It is refined to its purest 24kt form and then realloyed to a karat level suitable for jewelry, such as 14kt or 18kt.

Why Choose a Lab-Grown Diamond?



Is it a diamond? N
Is the material the same (carbon) as a mined diamond? N
Does it have the same crystal structure? N
Does it have the same optical properties (beauty)? N
Does it have the same physical properties? N
Is it as hard? N
Does it have the same environmental and community impact? M
Is the creation process associated with unfair trade? M

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Made to order right here in Spokane. Lab grown versions are available for all products.

Expert Craftsmanship

Here at Teneff Jewelry, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality jewelry utilizing responsible, ethical, and clean resources. Our goldsmiths devote careful attention to every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure not one detail is missed.

We focus on creating attractive designs with top-quality stone setting and workmanship. This commitment is seen in every piece we create.