Oak Leaf Earrings

Presenting our Oak Leaf Earrings, skillfully crafted from responsibly sourced and recycled gold.


Metal 14 kt yellow recycled gold, 14 kt white recycled gold, 14 kt rose recycled gold
Weight 1.6 dwt, pair
Width 29.6 x 8.9mm includes wire length. Leaves are 1.3 mm thick.
The Inspiration Unlike commonly found mass-produced, delicate leaf earrings, our Oak Leaf Earrings stand out with their substantial and sturdy design. They are intentionally thicker, conveying a sense of strength and durability that mirrors the steadfastness of oak trees that have weathered countless seasons. This substantial craftsmanship ensures that your earrings will not only be a beautiful adornment but also a lasting companion on your journeys.


Single earrings available – please contact us for pricing.

Most items ship within three weeks.  

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