Return Policy

Learn about our warranty.

What is your warranty?.

We guarantee all workmanship for the life of your jewelry*. Please mail the piece back to us if there is a problem.  We will carefully inspect it to determine if there is any defect in workmanship or materials. If so, we will repair or remake the piece as needed at no cost to you. We do not cover anything related to wear and tear. Some examples of wear and tear are metal wearing down on prong tips and other areas, gouges in the metal, chipped stones from hitting objects, and stones loosening over time. Wear can be caused by long-term wear or a forceful blow.

Remember that taking care of your jewelry is the best way to prolong its lifespan. That includes regular cleaning and maintenance as needed (tightening and rebuilding worn areas such as prongs and channels). Also, you should always remove jewelry before entering a swimming pool, hot tub, or when cleaning with chlorine products, such as bleach. Chlorine will damage the jewelry’s alloys, and this cannot be reversed. Too much stress or pressure on your jewelry can also cause breaks or cracks, so we recommend taking off your jewelry before working in potentially damaging environments.

*If work is requested that we cannot warranty, we will notify you during the design phase.


What if I do not like my jewelry?

For customizations, we will communicate closely with you throughout the creation of your piece. If you are fully engaged in the entire process, dissatisfaction is unlikely. You can trust that you will receive a piece tailored to your requests and be very happy (or downright excited!).


If for some reason your are not satisfied with your custom order notify us within 30 days, and we will remake the item one time at no charge to you. We will have to charge for labor and materials that are above and beyond the first design (e.g., if it is heavier or needs more stones). If the item is a gift, and the recipient does not respond the way you expected, we will apply a partial credit and start over with a new design.

If you ordered from our collection, please contact us within 30 days for a return authorization and we will refund your payment upon receipt if item is in new condition.