Receive answers to common questions.

How long does custom design take from start to finish?

From the time a CAD design is approved, the average turnaround time is around 4-6 weeks,  this can vary depending on how much stone setting is involved and other factors. We generally provide an ETA once a design is approved.

What is the custom ordering process?

The ordering process is simple. First, you will need to fill out our quick online form with your vision for the piece. We will then provide an estimate for all work. Upon approval of the estimate, CAD drawings will be sent for your approval before we begin the manufacturing-process .

How do I know my ring size?

If you order one of our styles, we will send you a sizing kit. If you are beginning the custom process, we can generally do an estimate for you first. Once the estimate is approved, we can send a sizing kit.

Is recycled gold the same in content as non-recycled?

Yes! REcycled gold is 100% the same in content as non-recycled. The recycling process of gold is not the same as other recycled products such as paper, which has “used material” and may therefore carry some “impurities.” Recycled gold is gold that is refined to its purest 24kt form and then re-alloyed to a karat level suitable for jewelry such as 14kt or 18kt.

What if my order is a gift and the recipient is not happy with the item?

If the recipient is not happy with a custom piece we have made, we can apply the materials (gems and metal) as a partial credit to a new design. We would ask to involve the recipient in the next design to ensure their satisfaction.

If you ordered from our collection, please contact us within 30 days for a return authorization and we will refund your payment upon receipt if item is returned in new condition.

Can you replicate my old worn-out ring, or my costume ring that I want made with lab grown diamonds and/or gems and recycled gold?

Yes, we have done this many time. Please start by sending photos, and we will assess the design and provide feedback.

What is your return policy for a custom order?

Contact us within 30 days if you are unhappy with your jewelry, and we will redo the piece at no additional cost as long as the changes are within the scope of the original design. We will do this once. For more explanation, see our return policy.

How does your warranty or guarantee work?

We guarantee all workmanship for the life of your jewelry*. Please mail the piece back to us if there is a problem.  We will carefully inspect it to determine if there is any defect in workmanship or materials. If so, we will repair or remake the piece as needed at no cost to you. We do not cover anything related to wear and tear. Some examples of wear and tear are metal wearing down on prong tips and other areas, gouges in the metal, chipped stones from hitting objects, and stones loosening over time. Wear can be caused by long-term wear or a forceful blow.

Remember that taking care of your jewelry is the best way to prolong its lifespan. That includes regular cleaning and maintenance as needed (tightening and rebuilding worn areas such as prongs and channels). Also you should always remove jewelry before entering a swimming pool, or hot tub, or when cleaning with chlorine products, such as bleach. Chlorine will damage the jewelry’s alloys, and this cannot be reversed. Too much stress or pressure on your jewelry can also cause breaks or cracks, so we recommend taking off your jewelry before working in potentially damaging environments.

*A scenario that could affect our warranty is if work is requested that we cannot stand behind. We will let you know before or during the design phase if your requested approach is not something we can warranty.

What if I do not like my jewelry?

For customizations, we will communicate closely with you throughout the process so you will have full input and see what kind of creation is emerging out of our collaboration. If you are involved all the way to the end this is unlikely to happen.   We trust that you will get what you want and be very happy (or downright excited!).

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your custom order notify us within 30 days, and we will remake the item one time at no charge to you. We will have to charge for labor and materials that is above and beyond the first design(for example it is heavier, or needs more stones). If the item is a gift, and the recipient does not respond the way you expected, we will apply a partial credit and start over with a new design.

If you ordered from our collection, please contact us within 30 days for a return authorization and we will refund your payment upon receipt if item is in new condition.

What is your shipping charge?

Shipping is free.

How white is your white gold?

Our recycled white gold is a traditional white, meaning that it has a slight yellowish tint to it.  There are some “bright” white golds on the market that have more nickel content as the alloy, but these are brittle, hard, and the brightest ones are not recycled. At this time, we can still substitute the traditional white with non-recycled bright white if you would like, but it is not recycled. Many people like to include a flash plating of rhodium, which is very bright, but it is thin and wears off over time. We are happy to rhodium your jewelry, but our rhodium solution is not certified recycled metal. Just let us know if you want your piece rhodium-plated, and we will do so. The cost is $38.

Here is a photo comparison of white gold with and without rhodium plating:

The photo above includes one yellow gold ring and four white gold rings, two of which have rhodium.

Does rhodium mining have the same impact on the environment as other mined metals?

There is an interesting, good-news-twist to this question!  While the mining itself is similar to the mining of other precious metals, rhodium is presently the most costly precious metal because of its unparalleled ability to curb nitrogen oxides from car exhaust fumes.  The benefit of rhodium use in the auto industry for the sake of the earth is so great that one might consider it well worth it to mine.  Plus, rhodium is mined as a byproduct of platinum, palladium, or nickel mining. There is no such thing as a primary rhodium mine.

What is CAD?

CAD stands for computer-aided design. It allows you to view a 3d model of your jewelry in a realistic digital image format.

What is your 3D printing process?

Once the CAD (Computer Aided Design) is approved, we will transfer the image to a 3d printer to generate a wax model that can be cast in precious metal.

Can actual diamond weights vary from stated weights in the product descriptions?

Since each diamond is highly individual, the industry recognizes an acceptable tolerance range for measurements expressed in fraction form as follows;  
Diamond carat  Weights Tolerance  Range
1/20 carat .04 – .06
1/15 .065 – .08
1/10 carat .085 – .11
1/8 carat .115 – .14
1/6 carat .145 – .17
1/5 carat .18 – .22
1/4 carat .23 – .28
1/3 carat .29 – .36
3/8 carat .37 – .44
1/2 carat .45 – 57
5/8 carat .58 – .68
3/4 carat .69 – .79
7/8 carat .80 – .94
1  carat .95 – 1.11
2 carat 1.95 – 2.11